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Impressions from Week Two

Nov 9, 2021

Our puppies are two weeks old today. It is very exciting to see how they change their behavior with every day. We look forward to having a nice and funny time.

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Let the Fun begin

Nov 6, 2021

Eating - sleeping - eating - sleeping ... and from now on playing.

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When the world becomes bigger

Nov 5, 2021

Our puppies start opening their eyes and their ears become functional.

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Mehltütenfest - 1000g (2.2lbs)

Nov 2, 2021

Today, the first puppy reached the weight of 1 kg: Mr Brown at 1045 g (2.3 lbs)

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We moved on and earned with Essex our first AKC Master title and the qualification for the Master Amateur Retriever Club Inaugural Invitationals 2017. Rocket and Mystic earned their Senior titles.

Happy Birthday to Euphrosine

Jun 11, 2016

who is the grandmother of our current Mystic & Rowan puppies. Sine is eleven years old today and she still loves to retrieve her birds. We hope, she'll have many more healthy years to come.

Euphrosine of Chestnut Tree:


Master Leg #2

Jun 10, 2016

Essex went two for two and got her second Master leg at the Long Island RFTC Hunt Test.


Rocket's X-ray Results

Jun 01, 2016

We are pleased with Rocket's X-ray results. Her hips had been evaluated by the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) with "Good", the elbows had been recognized as "Normal".

Annual Health Examinations

May 22, 2016

Essex, Chester, Mystic, and Rocket had their annual health clinic today. All four of them passed their eye clearances. Also, Rocket had her hip and elbow X-rays.

First AKC Master Test

May 21, 2016

Essex earned her first Master leg at her first Master test at the Long Island GRC Spring Hunt Test.


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