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The first Teeth

Dec 22, 2022

... start to cut through.

Impressions from Week Three

Dec 20, 2022

Our puppies are three weeks old now. It's been an exiting third week and it is very interesting to see how these little fur babies learn something new every day.

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Lunch Time

Dec 19, 2022

Our puppies have grown fast. They are now able to walk and use their senses to explore their surroundings. But, eating is still the most important task.

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At the Beginning of Week 3 - Let the Fun begin

Dec 14, 2022

Eating - sleeping - eating - sleeping ... and from now on playing.

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We went on to run our dogs in AKC and HRC hunt tests. Essex passed her first Senior legs and she as well as Chester and Mystic earned their GRCA Working Certificate Excellent.

GRCA Working Certificate Excellent

Oct 04, 2014

Mystic passed her GRCA Working Certificate Excellent, held by the Northeast Flat-Coated Retriever Club in West Thompson, CT. She is now SHR Old Lyme's All Agog Mystic WCX:


PRA Test Results

Oct 02, 2014

We received Mystic's recent DNA test reports.

Mystic has been tested genotype Normal/Clear for the genetic defects prcd_PRA, GR_PRA1, and GR_PRA2. (Progressive Retinal Atrophy).

Yankee GRC AKC Hunt Test

Sep 28, 2014

Essex and Mystic attended the Yankee Golden Retriever Club's Hunt Test in West Thompson, CT.

Essex succeeded at her first start in Senior. Mystic received her second Junior leg.


GRCA Working Certificate Excellent

Sep 07, 2014

Chester passed his GRCA WCX, held by the Southern Berkshire Golden Retriever Club in Nod Brook, CT. He is now SHR Old Lyme's Amiable Chester WCX:


Vacation in Canada

Aug 24, 2014

We spent a few days in in Guelph, ON where we saw the Tidewater Goldens pack and Maddi, Ms Yellow from our 2013 litter, again. We were happy to attend the 20th anniversary Hunt Test of the Luther Marsh Hunting Retriever Club with Essex and Maddi succeeding in their tests.

Old Lyme's Bodacious Miss Maddison "Maddi":


Essex earned her first leg in Seasoned. Maddi achieved two passes in Started.


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