Seeing ... Hearing ... Walking

Mar 22, 2017

Our puppies start to become independent of their mom which is very interesting to watch. Their eyes and ears begin to be functional, they have started to explore each other, and their crawling turns more and more into walking on paws.

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1000g (2.2lbs) - Day Nine

Mar 20, 2017

Today, the first puppy hit the weight level of 1kg: Mr Blue weighs 1040g (2.3lbs).

Trend of Weights - Day Eight

Mar 19, 2017

All boys and also Ms Red have doubled their birth weight today. Ms Yellow and Ms Orange are close and both of them are going reach this goal very soon.

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Impressions from Week One

Mar 18, 2017

Our puppies are one week old today and they do very well. They crawl very fast, but in between running to the milk bar for drinking they are calm little fellows.

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Eating ... Eating ... Eating

Mar 15, 2017

Motion study: At the milk bar.

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