Mr Blue

Jun 20, 2017

Mr Blue is also still looking for a working/performance home.

Sire: Firemark Gunsmoke's Lawman ("Dillon") WCX **
Dam: HR TQ Essex MH WCX

We have started basic obedience training as well as first steps in retrieving including water retrieves.

Water retrieves - 14 weeks old:

A few impressions from the yard and nearby pond - ten weeks old:

  • 2017_week10_blue_01.jpg
  • 2017_week10_blue_02.jpg
  • 2017_week10_blue_03.jpg
  • 2017_week10_blue_04.jpg
  • 2017_week10_blue_05.jpg
  • 2017_week10_blue_06.jpg
  • 2017_week10_blue_07.jpg
  • 2017_week10_blue_08.jpg
  • 2017_week10_blue_09.jpg
  • 2017_week10_blue_10.jpg