Freyja Moves to her Family

Mar 30, 2014

Ms Red found her new family in SW of Connecticut. Her name is now Old Lyme's Belana's Miral Paris, called "Freyja".

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Piña Leaves Us

Mar 23, 2014

Ms Aqua found her family and will live north of NYC. Her name is now Old Lyme's Beloved Gillette's Castle, called "Piña".

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Maddi Moves to Canada

Feb 16, 2014

Ms Yellow will live in an active family together with another Golden Retriever not far away from daddy Ranger. Her name is Old Lyme's Bodacious Miss Maddison, called "Maddi".

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Ranger Moves to his Family

Feb 15, 2014

Mr Blue leaves us today. He found his family in Virginia. As Old Lyme's Brave Sir Royal Aspen Ranger, he will become a hunting dog as well as a performance dog in the field.

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Obedience and Retrieving

Feb 04, 2014

Besides their daily walks with the pack, all of our puppies have regular training in our yard.

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