Impressions from Week Three

Dec 08, 2013

Our puppies are three weeks old now. They already found their way into the indoor playground.

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It's Going to Get Exciting

Dec 05, 2013

Between drinking - sleeping - drinking - sleeping ... our puppies now enjoy to explore each other.

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Impressions from Week Two

Dec 01, 2013

Our puppies are two weeks old today. It is very exciting to see how they change their behavior with every day. We look forward to having a nice and funny time.

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The Senses become Functional

Nov 30, 2013

Our puppies start to become independent of their mom which is very interesting to watch. Their eyes and ears begin to be functional, they have started to explore each other, and their crawling turns more and more into walking on paws.

1000g (2.2lbs)

Nov 29, 2013

Today, a few of our puppies hit the weight level of 1kg.

The red marked female pup weighs 1061g, that is 2.3lbs, followed by the green marked male, the aqua female and the blue male puppy.