The New Puppy Bar

Dec 25, 2013

Now our puppies are big enough to eat together from the puppy feeder.

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Impressions from Week Five

Dec 22, 2013

Our puppies are five weeks old. They have now their outdoor playground available. Their first steps into the real world were cautious but, now they are confident and love playing in open air.

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First Time in the Snow

Dec 19, 2013

Since our puppies were born in the winter, of course they get to know snow in the first weeks of their life.

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At the Puppy Bar

Dec 18, 2013

Our puppies are now able to eat independantly. They become more and more accustomed to living without their mom.

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Impressions from Week Four

Dec 15, 2013

Today are our puppies are four weeks old. They look and behave like real Golden Retrievers now. Also, they do not only explore each other but also their surroundings.

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