Rehoming Bonnie

Sep 13, 2014

Unfortunately, Bonnie (Old Lyme's Belle of the Ball) - also known as Ms. Lime - could not stay any longer with her family. However, there is good news: We found a new home for Bonnie and she lives now with her enthusiastic new family close to dad Ranger and sister Maddi.

Some pictures of Bonnie when she lived with our pack for a couple of days:

  • 2013_blog_rehoming_bonnie_01.jpg
  • 2013_blog_rehoming_bonnie_02.jpg
  • 2013_blog_rehoming_bonnie_03.jpg
  • 2013_blog_rehoming_bonnie_04.jpg
  • 2013_blog_rehoming_bonnie_05.jpg
  • 2013_blog_rehoming_bonnie_06.jpg