Sadi (Bonnie) and Maddi

Apr 21, 2015

We went to Tidewater Golden Retrievers in Canada and had the opportunity to see Sadi (once Bonnie) and Maddi again.

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Limi Moves Home to Japan

Nov 12, 2014

Limi (Old Lyme's Blue Sky of Connecticut) - once Ms. Orange - has been picked up by her family and is on her way to Japan. Limi will live there with another Golden Retriever female born in Colorado. Limi will become a performance dog competing in Agility and in the field.

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Rehoming Bonnie

Sep 13, 2014

Unfortunately, Bonnie (Old Lyme's Belle of the Ball) - also known as Ms. Lime - could not stay any longer with her family. However, there is good news: We found a new home for Bonnie and she lives now with her enthusiastic new family close to dad Ranger and sister Maddi.

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Seeing Maddi Again

Aug 24, 2014

During our one-week vacation in Canada, we were pleased to meet Maddi - aka Ms. Yellow - and her family again.

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Meeting Freyja Again

Aug 10, 2014

The puppies from our 2013 litter will be nine month old next week. Today, we were happy to see Freyja - once Ms. Red - and her family.

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