The Blue Boy

*  11-29-2022

Fenwick is from our 2015 Mystic & Rowan litter. Again, after the puppy test, we decided to keep "Miss Yellow" because of her carefree cheerfulness that we fell in love with and see in all of our "of Chestnut Tree" offspring - Belana, Sine, Chester, Mystic, and Fenwick.

Fenwick was named after the Borough of Fenwick, a small community in Old Saybrook. The municipality is named for George Fenwick and his family. He was an English lawyer who helped settle the Saybrook colony in 1639. His wife, Lady Fenwick, had significant influence that In 1640, Colonel George Fenwick granted land to Matthew Griswold I, who then turned a teeming wilderness into productive farming and fishing territory. This is how the place we live at became Griswold Point in Old Lyme, CT.

Fenwick is a more laid back Golden with a very close bond to her family. She likes to retrieve and would make a perfect hunting partner. Like Mystic and Chester, she has always a lot of fun as pick-up dog at Tower Shoots. Also, four of Fenwick's litter-mates compete actively and successfully in Obedience Trials.